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Statement on Barack Obama Foundation release of RFQ

By Robert J. Zimmer   ·  

Today’s announcement by the Barack Obama Foundation represents another important step toward a future presidential library. Together with a number of civic and institutional leaders who are passionate about the future of Chicago’s South Side, I look forward to making the case that the Obama Presidential Library would be ideal for one of our neighboring communities. As I’ve said before, a presidential library would mark a watershed moment for the South Side, catalyzing significant and sustained economic opportunity in an area poised to make the most of such promise. It would bring cultural and programmatic opportunities for all of Chicago’s residents and visitors. The University of Chicago is committed to working in partnership with the City of Chicago, our neighbors, civic leaders, and cultural and educational institutions to make a compelling proposal about what the South Side has to offer.

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President and Mrs. Obama are bringing the presidential center home to the South Side of Chicago.

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