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Presidential Libraries

George W. Bush Library Dallas, Texas

William J. Clinton Library Little Rock, Arkansas

George Bush Library College Station, Texas

Ronald Reagan Library Simi Valley, California

Jimmy Carter Library Atlanta, Georgia

Gerald Ford Library Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, Michigan

Richard Nixon Library Yorba Linda, California

Lyndon B. Johnson Library Austin, Texas

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library Boston, Massachusetts

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library Abilene, Kansas

Harry S. Truman Library Independence, Missouri

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library Hyde Park, New York

Herbert Hoover Library West Branch, Iowa

What is a presidential library?

A presidential library is a non-partisan institution managed by the federal government. The mission of the Library is to preserve the history of a presidential administration.

Who chooses where it goes?

It is up to President Obama and Mrs. Obama to choose the location of the library. In partnership with members of the community, the University has recommended three areas in neighboring South Side communities to help inform that choice. The Barack Obama Foundation is expected to announce a location for the Library in early 2015.

What are the components of presidential libraries?

In addition to housing the archives of a president’s time in office, all presidential libraries also include a museum. Most presidential libraries have an education center and auditorium space.

Who pays for a presidential library?

A presidential library is constructed with private or non-federal funds donated to a non-profit Presidential Library Foundation. Some presidential libraries have also received construction and development funding from state and/or local governments.

What goes into a presidential library?

The contents and operation of a presidential library are governed by federal law, including the Presidential Libraries Acts of 1955 and 1986. All records from a presidential administration are housed in a presidential library.

National Archives website about presidential libraries

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